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Global Competitiveness : Bussiness Transformation in aDigital Era

The 2018 Economics and Business Competitiveness International Conference is a collaborative event between Economics Faculty of Parahyangan Catholic University and Politeknik APP Jakarta (Industrial Ministry). EBCICON 2018 evaluates various key issues in challenges and opportunities of global competitiveness: business transformation in a digital era.

Nowadays the digital disruption changes every organizations’ operation and thinking way. Organizations must transform themselves in order to survive from this mega-trend. The industrial revolution 4.0 has already changed the business environment by its technology-enabled platforms development. Many global CEOs and senior business executives realize that their corporations have to respond at this disruption appropriately by taking any bounds of business transformation. Business transformation becomes a serious issue for utmost organizations. The transformation as a holistic process across the business must be applied in entire levels both strategic and operational levels. Business transformation is an imperative step to ensure the corporate sustainability in the future. Right execution of business transformation will make a company survives and excels in global competitiveness in this digital era. The transformation can be involved any aspects of business. This conferences offers a myriad of opportunities to explore the central issue of global competitiveness: business transformation in digital era.